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What benefits are you looking for from a Perth bookkeeping service?Like most business owners, your answer probably includes benefits such as “accurate and up-to-date accounts”, “tax compliance”, “proper PAYG processing”, “less paperwork”, and “more time to spend on my business”.

But if that’s your answer, then we’re actually asking the wrong question.

Because bookkeeping can bring many other benefits to your business – benefits you may not yet be aware of. And as they say: you don’t know what you don’t know.

So, if you’d like to discover just what bookkeeping can do for you, read on.

The Benefits of Bookkeeping

Good bookkeeping brings a range of benefits to your business, including (but not limited to) those above. When listed you work with one of our Perth bookkeepers, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits in your business:

Accurate & Up-To-Date Accounts

It will come as no surprise that one of the benefits of good bookkeeping is accurate and up-to- date accounts. This is also a vital pre-cursor to every other bookkeeping benefit. Your EzyAccounts bookkeeper will bring your books up-to-date, and keep them up-to-date.

ATO Compliance

With accurate and up-to-date accounts, you can get your BAS, PAYG, superannuation, and other commitments right. Plus not only will you get them right – your bookkeeper will also ensure you get them done in time. That means no ATO fines, and no worries for you.

More Time

With your Perth bookkeeper taking care of the financial side of the business, you’ll have more time to spend on your business. That means more time for revenue-earning activities, and more time to devote to improving your business.

Increased Visibility

Your accurate and up-to-date accounts will also give you real time visibility over your business’s performance. Your bookkeeper will help you to understand and interpret your numbers, so you have a true understanding of where your business is at.

Improved Profits (& More)

Your EzyAccounts bookkeeper will analyse your numbers to identify areas for improvement in your business. Next, they’ll help you implement strategies to make those improvements. Sometimes, the smallest change can have massive positive consequences, helping you to improve your cash flow, your efficiency, and even your profits.

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Do you want a Perth bookkeeping service that brings all the benefits we’ve described above to your business? Then you need to call EzyAccounts today on 1300 313 397.

We look forward to discussing how we can help your business grow and improve.

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Working with EzyAccounts

Our Perth bookkeepers aren’t just bookkeepers – they’re also qualified, experienced accountants. This allows them to provide you with all those extra value services you wouldn’t normally find in a bookkeeping service.

Each of our bookkeepers is situated locally in the suburbs, so you can always find an EzyAccounts bookkeeper near you. Depending on your needs and situation, they can work on-site at your premises, or remotely from their office. Either way, you can expect clear and regular communication from them, as they work closely with you to improve your business and help you to reach your goals.

Here’s what else you can expect when you work with an EzyAccounts Perth bookkeeper:

The Journey Begins

If you’re anything like most business owners, chances are your books are behind, inaccurate, or both. If that’s the case, then the first thing we do for you is to make sure your books are a true reflection of your business. So we correct any errors, and bring them up-to-date.

Now they’re ready to be used to provide you with the reports and information you need to make informed decisions and improve your business.

Staying on the right track

Before you can get the necessary value from your books for improving your business, you may need to clean them up. Your bookkeeper will go over your books to make sure any errors are corrected, and bring your numbers up-to-date.

Depending on the state of your books, this may be a relatively quick and easy process, or it may take some time. Either way, it’s an important first step, as it sets the scene for everything else your bookkeeper will do for you.

Creating Good Habits

Now your books are in a state to provide you with real value, it’s important to make sure they stay that way. To keep them on the right track, we help you streamline your bookkeeping processes. We may identify opportunities such as automating some or all of your invoicing, incorporating bank feeds, utilising batch payments, and a range of other things.

It’s rare for us not to find a way to improve your bookkeeping efficiency

Striking Gold

This is the part where you start to enjoy added value.

By utilising proper analyses and developing a management reporting suite that’s tailored to your business, your bookkeeper can help you identify and understand patterns in your business. They can also help you discover opportunities for improving your processes, your efficiency, and, ultimately, your profits. It’s about addressing your challenges, and taking advantage of your opportunities, in an informed way using the data your books provide.


Now it’s time to do it all again. As your business grows and evolves, we help you stay on top of your books and compliance obligations, and continue to look for new ways to help improve your business and profits.

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We will call you back asap normally within 30 minutes

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